Seagate Says 20 TB HAMR Drives Will Arrive in December, 50 TB Capacities in 2026


Seagate revealed several interesting points about its upcoming releases of next-generation hard drives during its quarterly earnings call this week. From a report:

The company has disclosed a shift to a new generation of HDDs based on so-called heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology. This technology is set to bring many improvements compared to the one currently used by Seagate’s rivals like Western Digital. The rivaling company uses energy-assisted perpendicular magnetic recording (ePMR) and microwave-assisted (MAMR) technologies and it already has a 20 TB drive in the offering. Seagate announced that they will unveil a 20 TB HDD in December this year, with the use of HAMR technology, which will bring many improvements like better speed and more efficient disk read/write. It added, “Seagate will be the first to ship this crucial technology with a path to deliver 50-TB HAMR drives forecast in 2026.”


I need five of these!

That would be Nice. I’ve almost fulled my 5 TB…
I need now more that 20 TB now

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