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[SCAM ALERT] How To Use An Auto Marketing Bot | AI Markerting To Make Money


I’m going to present ate you my money making method that actually made me some extra income.

I generate every month about 30% Passive income that i cash out or reinvest.

I recommend reinvesting in the beginning, so you can actually make more after a few months. It’s 100% Your choice.

In this method, I’m going to tell you:

What is this platform?
How to use it?
Tips and tricks?


    1. Introducing the platform
    1. Sign up on the platform
    1. Explanations, tips and tricks
    1. Disclaimer

Introducing platform.

I present ate you AI.marketing. AI.marketing is a website that makes advertising for you 100% automatically. To make it easy, ai.marketing is a website that makes advertising with your money, but pays you out with cashback + your own investment. So actually you get your money back + profit, wich is around 30% per month. AI.marketing works with an AI that makes the avertising for you.

Download PDF: AI.Marketing.pdf (695.3 KB)

Happy learning!


So what he is saying is simple, let me explain it to you guys like you were common people who don’t know about digital marketing or know anything about AI

SO this guy has a system where if you invest lets say for example 1000 USD after some time it will give you 30% that is 300usd and them give you back the money, this system is old and very complicated so you don’t need to know the detail just accept what i am saying,

SO big companies give these middlemen who have AI to sell them the product and if you give them money to run ads you get a kickback and after something the initial investment too?

Ya bro i wanna invest in your quick money get rich fast scheme too

GTFOH geez mods alow scams to be posted here? i got 2 weeks interaction ban coz i posted 1 bil email list which i guess was already here but these kinds of stuff is allowed


Yes Man I don’t know In thier rules book Somethings are allowed are some are not And the rules are very confusing in a way that if they post a leak course that is fine but if someone posts it they get ban So i stoped posting here Now I Am happy with just being a viewer here now


Hi guys
I will say what I learned when I had 25 years old.
My father put me to work with a person i Ribeirao Preto a town near my home and after 2 month I realize that the company was not serious honest, so I just stop to work with it and I go to talk to my father about the situation and he teach me one of the most important lesson: “My son I put you to work in this company to you learn what you never do in your life.”
Sometimes we read and learn things not to follow or do, but to do not do.


do be do be do

-:scooby doo

I agree, This post should not have been allowed here. I used that site and can confirm that it doesn’t work as expected and the person referring you to the site earns a commission(look at the url its an affiliate link). That’s why people are promoting this crap. @SaM please adjust posting rules to keep this platform legit because that belief is what keeps us here.

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