[SCAM ALERT] Free Domain & Cloud Hosting (Free Web cPanel Hosting Get 25GB Cloud Hosting)

Many newbies want to start a career as a blogger but a lot of them can’t make it due to their financial problems because they can not afford to purchase a domain or hosting. In this post, I’m gonna review FreeDomaini and how to get a free domain and hosting from their service.
All Web Hosting Comes with a Free SSL Certificate (All Web Hosting Comes with a Free SSL Certificate)
There is no GEO restriction to get a free domain and hosting

Signup Here : Link

There are 3 types of free lifetime hosting plan –

  1. Share Hosting for a lifetime.
  2. Cloud Hosting for a lifetime (25GB Storage max.).
  3. WordPress Hosting for a lifetime.

Remarks : After FreeDomaini registers a free domain name and hosting service, you need to wait for a long time, depending on your patience, because FreeDomaini manually activates your service. If you register more than one service, there is no guarantee that they will activate your service. But what is certain is that you will enter your website through their service.


Thanks man. Will update if it works out well and I get accepted. Thanks for sharing

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Just found this:

Does FreeDomaini really giving away free domain and hosting?

Yes, they do. But After registration for a free domain and hosting service, you need to wait a long time as they manually activate your service. There is no guarantee that your service will be activated if you register more than a service.

Also, since their domain was registered about a month ago, the risk of them vanishing is really big - remember Cloudoza who promoted itself on 1Hack? They had a new domain, they lured us into signing up with a “too-good-to-be-true” offer (just like this one!) and after a month the site has vanished and they went away with all our files & login details! :expressionless:

Cloudoza scammed me, and I can’t believe I backed them up and promoted them thinking they were genuine - but I won’t do that mistake again :wink:

So I’d be very wary about putting any personal long term efforts or projects on freedomaini, and instead I’d let it sit for a year and see if they grow or if they vanish before investing any time or efforts :wink:


Man, I just noticed that cloudoza has vanished… But it’s good that I didn’t upload even a piece of my data to their servers. The upload was so slow that even a 5mb file took 15 mins to upload, through my 100 Mbps broadband. Also, they didn’t have any client.

An important lesson though. Just registered 4 domains through the above-mentioned service. Let’s see what happens. We never know though!

[.space] domain got activated in 1 second.. Will inform when the others get activated.


I see the owner of Cloudoza openly apologizing for his failure. Would like to know in what way he scammed you. :thinking: :roll_eyes:

Here it says the domain is active.

And when I am changing nameservers, it says the domain is inactive!

Don't know what's happening but I think I will wait for a little while!

  1. I haven’t received nor seen any public apology about this - maybe you can link to their apology? Because that apology should have been sent on all the emails of their registrants like any service provider would have done BEFORE closing, so that we have time to recover our stuff!

  2. the website is down, but their status page https://cloudoza.supstatus.com/ shows the service is fully functional

  3. I have no idea what they did with my login credentials once they have gone!

  4. had I uploaded any important or sensitive files, imagine the chaos it would have brought me! And they didn’t give us time to recover our uploaded stuff, they just closed shop with no prior notice.

  5. they coerced me into writing a trustpilot review, and for what, so that they can vanish?

So yes, even if it was a failure, I still feel scammed big time.

You can’t just bring everyone on board of a ship and then sink that ship with everyone still on board!


Let me PM you the details.

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I wonder what sort of Domain and Hosting service provider would run ads of the other well known services provider.
Also this website is using the same Captcha provider just like the FreeRDP server provider.
I think I will wait just like others to see if they are a scam or not.

No doubt it’s 100% Scam


SCAM they emailed me with a gmail email address they don’t have even a pro email


Completely Fake it is
Just a time waste


I think so!

Just Waste of time .
Created account long ago but it still showing Pending .
Waste of time and They are spammers .
1000000% Scam…


Cloudoza has had a long run and its day in the sun. We’re sad to announce, however, that the company will wind down with the end of this month on 31st March 2020. When we started Cloudoza, we set out to create a simple and free cloud storage platform for everyone. But things don’t go as planned every time. You will be able to access your files for up to 14 days from this announcement. Please download or move all your important data within this timeframe. After 14 days, we securely delete all your data within our servers.

Cloudoza’s story ends here. Many challenges in the world of cloud storage remain unsolved, and we failed to create a sustainable platform. For this, we’re deeply sorry.

All the best from the Cloudoza team, and may you always find what you are looking for in life. :slight_smile:

-Cloudoza Team

Hi Buddy.
Even Though .space and other domains activated with in seconds, They won’t work you can’t add NameServers (it will show order is inactive)…
So It is Fraud

And why did I, a registered member of Cloudoza, not receive that news via email as I should have?

I was not informed by Cloudoza about that, and so I had no time to download my files (glad I had no important files, it’s like I was feeling something would go bad)

It was their job and responsibility to inform every member via the registration emails they used.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, I strongly recommend everyone to wait at least 1 year to see if the “too-good-to-be-true” service will still be alive or will have vanished.