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Hi , I am 25M, Indian. Electrical Engineer with 3y of experience in BMS and Water Power plant. Need to Switch my career to SAP Consultant, After one day of googling i found there is two path if am not wrong. Technical Consultant and Functional Consultant. Why am here is. which module falls under Functional consultant, as am Zero in SAP, planning to get Certification in SAP. which Certification i need to get first… Currently going to resign my job from power plant(Low salary,no future growth) so am looking for perfect plan that i can make it real. Certification or Project that make me to land an entry level project in SAP world.

PS: I have premium subscription in Lynda, Udemy, Pluralsight. let me know is there any specific online learning platform for SAP.


bro u have accounts so just try hard by learning and lyna and pluralsight is very good sources

Man you have everything I wish for. Just learn from those.

@pluralas_asd @Listic_Goon , There are many modules, which modules i can start to learn first, which modules is good for fresher. Please guide me a learning path.

BRO DON’T GET ME WRONG I AM A SAP MM FUNCTIONAL CONSULTANT HAVING 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE I AM SHARING THE REAL THING WHICH NO ONE TELL YOU ABOUT SAP RELATED JOBS .THE BEST IN PRESENT MARKET IS DATA ENGINEERING JOBS WHICH HAS LONG TERM DEMAND BUT ABOUT SAP its gimmick created by SAP Coaching classes don’t believe them and waste money and time there. They may have told you that you will be getting high paid job after completing the course this is fake, sap functional consultant job market is very volatile you may lose job anytime and getting rehired is very painful because lots of resources available in the market. so choose other line which best suits you or if sap then go for technical line only it has high demand and it give you the option to choose or switch between the related field if required. IF YOU HAVE STILL DOUBT ABOUT WHAT I HAVE SAID ABOVE YOU CAN ASK THE SAP PRESS MM BOOK WRITER Jawad Akhtar at {}HE IS THE BEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD WHO COULD ANSWER THIS QUESTION IN A BETTER WAY .HIS VIEW OF SAP JOBS MARKET IS SAME TOO.

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