Safari 14 Will Let You Log in To Websites With Your Face or Finger

With Safari on iOS 14, MacOS Big Sur and iPadOS 14, you’ll be able to log in to websites using Apple’s Face ID and Touch ID biometric authentication. That’s a powerful endorsement for technology called FIDO – Fast Identity Online – that’s paving the way to a future without passwords. From a report:

Apple disclosed the biometric authentication support in Safari on Wednesday at WWDC, its annual developers conference. “It’s both much faster and more secure,” Apple Safari programmer Jiewen Tan said during one of the WWDC video sessions Apple offered after the coronavirus pandemic pushed the conference online. The change is a big boost for browser technology called Web Authentication, aka WebAuthn, developed by the FIDO consortium allies. Apple’s not the first supporter – it’s already in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, and works with Windows Hello facial recognition and Android fingerprint authentication.

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