RunTime Explorer error on win7

Hi guys i am having runtime error on my win 7 PC

This is the error i am facing
this popup is not going at all did changes in many settings and restarted pc many times

I tried everything from youtube

Tried This
And This
Also This

If u have any solutions plz help waiting for replies!!!

Best way is to open event viewer. then select application and look for error in the entries… If required apply filter only for 1-2 days and then search for a proper solution based on that error message reported in event viewer.

Thx for the reply, i tried what u said there were many errors but still no changes in the that popup…
i guess format is the solution

Try this dude → How to Fix Runtime Error in Internet Explorer

well i got to know that this is fake runtime explorer error
did a scan in spyhunter it says that this is virus
i got this virus runtime explorer by using the application sam’s post which is Here
I made a reply there in that post that i got this error after using the application… and guess what my reply is deleted, i am not blaming him about this but if i tell this then every person will be more cautious about any things shared on the internet whether it is by a known big moderator or a new user,

if spy hunter helps me then thats awesome if not then i will format my pc, THATS IT!!!

Thx for the replies :slight_smile:


That’s bad, but you should be caution before installing these softwares. And about your reply I think this may happened because of this…

This caution article was posted way back by sam. Similar type of caution Tutorials are available in this forum. People are not reading this articles or searching before diving into hacking thing. So, the problem is in the peoples, not admin.

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