Romskostenlos. Yes, it’s old and so am I. Am I doing it wrong?

I am not a gamer. I have never been a gamer. But I did play a few games along the way. Doom was one. Call of Duty was another. I couldn’t figure out how to actually play Half Life. There was nothing there: No monsters, no opponents, nothing. I just wandered around until I got bored of hitting things with the crow bar. Battlefield 1942 was the same.

I decided to try Phase 1 this morning. Again. The problem I am having (and why I give up each time I install it) is that the doors to the next area and the elevator in the opening scene don’t open. The ones in the first area do work randomly at first then stop and you have to restart the game or use a cheat to walk through walls.

Surely, I am missing something. I have spent a couple hours hunting for some clue as to what I am doing wrong but all I am finding is videos of people blithely passing through doors that open for them.

Anyone got any ideas?

Maybe if I can figure this out I will install Half Life through Wine and see if I can figure that out. lol


Watch walkthrough on YouTube,I think it will help