Review your previously purchased order & get free accounts as a gift! 💝

This offer is available for only specific selling threads! Mr.Brilliant’s Shop buyers who had previously purchased history or have recently received their orders!

Please help us to help you!

Below are some selling threads which seem to have fewer reviews but have a higher number of orders! That isn’t very good!

Buyers who have already received their orders of the below products/accounts, feel free to claim your gift in exchange for a legit review!

The given gift will be random! Like, you might get any x1 cracked account from the below category!

  • Streaming & Music & Tv
  • VPNS & Education
  • Filehost & Antivirus & Others

Please, no fake reviews!


Well already reviewed twice .

I purchased the following and @Mr.Brilliant created account for me within 30 minutes.
[$15 Outlook EDU USA Email :email: | Amazon Prime Video + Twitch Prime + Canva PRO Owner Team Account + Free Microsoft Office 365 + 1TB OneDrive]

Due to my silly mistake of not using the same password for Outlook which I created for university login. I told him it’s not working and he gave me the new one. Thanks for the generosity.

I also Purchased $7 Microsoft Office 365, Yousician, and service which is working till now without any issues.
Recently got Converion AI BOSS MODE till now no problems.


@mrutkarsh You have to review at the selling threads the link is above mentioned!


More than 30+ Gifts sent! Kudos to our all buyers, this offer is still valid! :tada:


This is still intact! :+1:

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