Reverse Engineering through Technical Scraping By Mike Rubini


Mike Rubini - Reverse Engineering through Technical Scraping

Course curriculum

  • Intro
  • Basics of data extraction (4 videos)
  1. Is scraping legal?
  2. Data extraction methods
  3. Scraping DOM with code (PHP)
  4. Scraping DOM without code
  5. Extract data visually, without code
  6. Scraping Instagram for profit (3 videos)
  7. Deep dive #1
  8. Deep dive #2
  9. Putting it all together
  10. Scraping Shopify for profit
  11. Collecting keywords on the Shopify app store
  12. Fetching results, ratings and reviews from the Shopify App Store
  13. Find leads with technical marketing (5 videos)
  14. Scraping competitor reviews (with code)
  15. Exporting leads to a spreadsheet (with code)
  16. Scraping competitor reviews (without code)
  17. Using the power of Google to find lists of leads
  18. Finding leads through technology lookups
  19. Proxying requests (3 videos)
  20. Intro to proxies
  21. Proxying requests (no code)
  22. Setting up a data collector (no code)


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