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Reverse Engineer’s Toolkit


This is a collection of tools you may like if you are interested on reverse engineering and/or malware analysis on x86 and x64 Windows systems. After installing this program, you’ll have to ways to access the tools:

  • Double-click the retoolkit icon in the Desktop.
  • Right-click on a file, choose Send to -> retoolkit. This way the selected file is passed as argument to the desired program.

Why do I need it?

You don’t. Obviously, you can download such tools from their own website and install them by yourself in a new VM. But if you download retoolkit, it can probably save you some time. Additionally, the tools come pre-configured so you’ll find things like x64dbg with a few plugins, command-line tools working from any directory, etc. You may like it if you’re setting up a new analysis VM.


The *.iss files you see here are the source code for our setup program built with Inno Setup. To download the real thing, you have to go to the Releases section and download the setup program.

Included tools

Have a look at the wiki for a detailed list.

Is it safe to install it in my environment?

I don’t know. Some included tools are not open source and come from shady places. You should use it exclusively in virtual machines and under your own responsibility.

Can you add tool X?

It depends. The idea is to keep it simple. We won’t add a tool just because it’s not here yet. But if you think there’s a good reason to do so, and the license allows us to redistribuite the software, please open an issue here if it doesn’t exist yet.



  • Yeah, new version numbering scheme borrowed from Ubuntu releases. :slight_smile:
  • Reorganized MSI analysis tools under OLE tools section.
  • Updated current tools.
  • Fixed pev PATH.
  • Fixed license SendTo+ license issue (closes #34).
  • Lots of new functions added to SlothBP x64dbg plugin configuration.
  • New DIE signatures added.
  • Tools added:
    • Dev-C++ compiler.
    • Java 8 Runtime Environment, needed by Java tools.
    • Python 3 (via WinPython), mainly to support Python-based tools.
    • XLMMacroDeobfuscator.
    • dnSpyEx (new, maintained dnSpy fork).
    • oledump.
    • oletools (closes #33).
    • MapoAnalyzer x64dbg plugin.
    • xSelectBlock x64dbg plugin.
    • redress.
    • hollows_hunter.
    • HyperDbg.
    • Threadtear.
    • CobaltStrikeScan.
    • dex2jar.


  • Added JADX.
  • Better organization based on target file type.
  • New context menu (right-click on a file → Send to → retoolkit).
  • Removed Start Menu shortcuts.
  • Tools updated to the latest version.
  • Updated Error Lookup tool to a different one, with more features.
  • fasm now opens .asm files if you double-click them.


  • First public release.


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