[RESUME SUPPORT] Download Torrent to Google Drive [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Download Torrents Directly to Google Drive with RESUME SUPPORT and FULL SPEED without any limits.
This is a step by step video tutorial created by BoostUpStation @Youtube
Thanks to him & 1Hack as a platform to share his tutorial.

As a subscriber of 1Hack and BoostUpStation, I wanted to create a topic here.

Hope it will help 1Hackers and others :slight_smile: :smile:


can we directly download torrent in our TD?

what is the limit of size of torrent .?
can we download 200gb file from this script?

yes bro
and its already mentioned in the video
you can download to any which can be mounted in google colab

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no limit
the single file size limit is 74gb because we have only 74gb or something space provided by colab
i am downloading a 150gb torrent
its 35% complete
i have to check every hour(as getting full speed), because the 74gb becomes full and have to restart the runtime, and the torrent resumes from where left

Nice video!!!
Is there any way to download 50gb game file from team drive, as wen we try to download google drive automatically zip folder to an extent and fails,which is seriously annoying, can you help me on this.

if its a single file, it has to fail
because google makes 2gb zip files of the entire folder (not in .part1, .part2)
just PM me the link of your single 50gb game file
i will try, and will also ask BoostUpStation, if there’s any solution

Thanks for the video but it doesn’t work for me at all.

thanks for your quick revert…
Sharing the link…hopefully you can open the link

Let me know if you have any issue.

can you bit explain this??

during downloading you restart the runtime and your files are safe and it resumes?
plz right the steps.

yes, the files are safe and it resumes from where left, because they are saved to your google/shared drive (as you put mounted drive location instead of the colab VM)
Mine always resumes, and the files are safe

Thanks a lot for sharing it.
it really resumes where we left it.
but sometimes when disk gets full and i restart factory runtime then it doesn’t start torrent where we left it, but it starts way back.
for example, download was 10% done, so when i resumed it it started from 2%. so why it happens and how to solve it?

I did same and same happened with me too

How long will it take to download a 30 gb file?

I tried downloading a 25gb file and it got downloaded in 20 minutes and when it started uploading it is taking too long. Its not even adancing.It is stuck at (uploading 15 of 30…). Any thoughts?

when the disk storage of colab is around 1gb away to full
just stop the current cell
it will save the resume file

and wait for say 5min
then change the runtime to tpu or none
and start the cell

if both the runtimes are out of storage, factory reset the runtime
and start the cell

always check whether gdrive is mounted or not

why you uploading bro
just go to gdrive and download to pc

i did not. It did it by itself

I am downloading movies torrent which is about 1TB, when i start downloading, its stuck at 0.0% while there are seeds and peers available, download speed is also 0kbs but sometimes it shows 1.2MB or so, but it quickly fill colab space but always remain at 0.0%, whats wrong here??

i forgot to mention that i can see .part files in download folder

bro colab gives u max around 117 Gb storage how will u be able to download TB torrents

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