Restore deleted files

Hello again guys :wave: I Hope everybody is doing alright :pray:
I wanted to ask you guys if you know any good reliable software to restore some files that I’ve lost after reinstalling windows
Thank tou

Get data back, Scavenger,Any data recovery Pro.I usually use all three ,one by one,if i’m not satisfied.
For jpg,docx,pdf i use scavenger with option full scan.

That’s for windows ?

@Alduh_Goat: So from what little I know; the general rule of thumb is that if you deleted some files from a disk, they have a better chance of being recoverable–if you have not written to that disk since the files were lost. If however you have written over that disk (which, in your case it sounds like you have since you reinstalled an entire OS) then the chances for recovery are almost nil.

That logic makes sense: if you deleted some files and just emptied the trash, the files are still there (as most OSs work that way) They’ve just had their flag changed. The sectors these files take up on the disk have not been written over. Some good recovery software will go in, reset the flags and recover the files. But if the sectors were written over, there’s no recovery.

That being said, my best suggestion would be to look into Linux-based recovery software. Kali has a few good ones. These are free. Using them will be a little tricky in your case; you’ll have to set up a separate Linux system and have it look at your drive. I just did a course in Autopsy (available for Windows) which was free thanks to our awesome 1hackdotus site and I learned a lot of these things.

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