Resource Missing

Hello guys, Few months back somebody posted this link which had TB’s of content. Now this is not available. I just needed to download 3/4 pdf from one of courses available in the Site.

So If somebody knows if there is any alternative link to the resource, please let us know, it’ll be much appreciated. Thanks

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password: @ttu001


Can I download a folder I need one course but can’t download every single video? Is there some way to download a folder

What is the username @chaku

@chaku, Thanks man. I really appreciate you helping us out.

just enter the password. Do you know if It is possible to download a folder?

Yes you can

I have posted a long tutorial about rclone(has nothing to do with this)

But I have plans to post 3 more OC tutorials
Sequence will be as follows
-wget and colab(transfer files from indexer to Google drive directly/or download locally)
-autorclone setup + installation on phone
-rclone mount guide + rclone mount on Android phone

Stay tuned, the guides will be original and high quality.


Can you please explain a little as it requires folder access and the shared resource is not showing on my Gdrive or shared with me.

No it doesn’t

I meant it requires password to go to the website . How to download a folder content? If possible could you also include this example white mouting with Colab

I am writing a guide right now on the other tab, I will tag you the moment it is done


hello sir, The Website is right down now ,
sir, will you able to provide any proxy link or working link please

Just go on telegram, search for teleflix and look up for the pinned message

Alternatively/additionally there are many telegram groups that have a google group, there you can enter with any of your gmail account and get instantly get added to their shared drives

and there are many telegram groups like teleflix that have a indexer of their own, look that up as well

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thank you sir