Reset TPM Cache, what next?


what is the Bitlocker-PIN or how can I get the Bitlocker Reocvery after reseting the TPM Cache if he is not in the domain/internet while reseting the TPM Key in BIOS?

I encrypted my Volume with Bitlocker (Windows 10). I know my Bitlocker-Recovery ID, Bitlocker-Recovery Key and Bitlocker PIN, but after reseting my TPM (in BIOS: Reset BIOS Security to Factory Default), I got a new Bitlocker-Recovery Key ID and can’t access to it. How can I access it or can I get the Password?

Is there also a way to recover the old TPM keys? or can I use another mainboard to create a new TPM key and bring it online somehow?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Here it is an full guide given by Microsoft, so you’ll find something useful for you

BitLocker Recovery Guide