Reselling eBook profitable method noob friendly

asy method profitable from the beginning. Everyone can do it. Highly recommended. I don’t know jackshit and was able to make a few hundred euros without much knowledge. However it’s time consuming but you do will earn 10-30 Euro for every 15 minutes you spend. No ref links no bullshit.

  1. Create an account at a local used selling plattform. I think the best known one is eBay Kleinanzeigen for Germany or Craigslist for the USA.
  2. Create an listining without using keywoards that will get you reviewed (such as account, premium, free or user)
    Preferably describe a 12 month genuine Spotify Giftcard without saying to much. Just use proper grammar and describe your product briefly and ask people to message you.

optional third step: After creating the listining make it more visible by paying for top listining or other similar options. However make sure to not get flagged because your listining will get removed and you will loose the money spend on the advertisment.

  1. Wait for your first messages. Explain them something about you reselling your free spaces in your Spotify Family account if they are really gulliable. Tell them that you sell other people free spaces for free because the account owners have them open and want to small cash ammount. Talk like you are an intermediate between them and the account owner, which you somewhat really are lol

  2. Once you receive payment, ideally by PayPal send them an invite link. Explain to them how to change the country incase Spotify Family invite links are not available for their current country. Offer to do it for them. You can even offer them to upgrade their account before receiving the payment. Those upgrades cost you $4 after all.

  3. Dont scam anyone. Make up some excuses and send them another invite link if they get removed from their current Spotify Family plan.

Please be kind and dont abuse your buyers. Buying for $4 and reselling for 10-30 Euros to people who dont know those services advertised on nulled is a decent deal for both sides. After all they save 120 Euros a year and you gain 6-26 Euro for barely any work. Use decent opsec if you are insecure.

good luck!


Very helpful :ok_hand:

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