Rendering MathML on MHT files

I save web pages as MHT or MHTML files but the Math equations don’t render since
MHT disables javascript
Is there any other way to save web pages so that rendering js engine MathJax works
after saving the file offline? Saving web pages as html creates too many files/folders so I prefer
single file mht format.

Here it is an extension for saving MHT files,
MHT extension

If your MHT extension still does not open then convert MHT to PDF format. This is the last option to repair MHT file.

Follow the steps to convert MHT to PDF:

  • MHT Repair through PDF : Mozilla Firefox
  1. Open the browser and Choose File > Open File or press Ctrl+O to open mht file extension for printing
  2. After opening the file press Ctrl+P or select File > Print to start the printing process
  3. In the Print window select PDF as the printing option
  4. Click on OK and choose a location where you want the save your file as PDF file in order to fix MHT
  • MHT Repair through PDF : Microsoft Word
  1. Open Microsoft Word. Now, click on File > Open to browse for the file you want to convert
  2. Click File > Print and from the Printer window select PDF as the printing option
  3. Click on Print then OK to convert the MHT to PDF and restore MHT File

Have a great day

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