Remote software for application.

Hello guys.

I am looking for remote software for employees we have around 45 to 50 desktop and laptops. I am looking for software which works on lan and wan too.



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What is the purpose of this software…
I suggest to use a Web app hosted on your office local Web. Then you configure your router with a port forwarding to this machine. Then your app will be accessible from internet and in local.

we are in call centre business so we need to moniter our agent.
can you suggest any web based App?

Back in the days I used to use this software ( to monitor branches… i was running it on a server in a vm and viewing it through rdp. I could also record each employee, store the files on their workstations, transfer onto the server at the end of the day and then archive it… locally or cloud. Not familiar with any web apps…


Do you just want to monitor the PC of your workers or want to even control them ?

I want both monitoring and controlling aswell silently.

try not free but have trial of 15 days. please contact me if you are intrested i work for this tool marketing team

try anydesk

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