Refresh Rate changes every time I get INGAME!

I’ve this Monitor and I play GAMES at 1280x960 stretched resulution but whenever I get ingame the refresh rate drops to 60hz, any SOLUTIONS?

I think that because you not use the native resolution of the display(1920x1080), try to use native resolution

because that happen to me to when play GTA V, the option to 75hz is only available only when I use the native resolution

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but u know when somebody is used to play on a particular resolution from a very long time, changing the resolution affect the gameplay a lot.

Frames per second. Are the numbers of pictures in media stored in 1 second. More fps more smooth media(videos and games)

Refresh rates are the ability of the monitor to show the refresh/change of the frames in a second.

If you are getting 150 frames in a game you will feel the smoothness in the game but you’ll only see the approximate of 60frames in 60hz and 75 frames in 75hz. Several middle frames as approximated by the monitor just to show the most content in its capability. This may cause tearing effects. So there will be more screen tearing in 60hz than in 75hz. FPS should be more than or atleast equal to the refresh rate of your monitor which will yield the decent result.

30fps on 60hz monitor : every frame stays on screen for twice the time. Here the awkward situation is with fps than with the refresh rate.

60fps on 60hz monitor : every frame will be synced perfectly with the monitor. Best result

75 fps on 60hz monitor : about half the frames are teared to adjust in screen’s capacity. Tearing will be seen. (but gameplay will be equally smooth to 75fps on 75ghz but with screen tearings).

75 fps on 75hz: better result than 60fps on 60hz in every way. Similarly to 75fps on 60hz but with no tearing.

120fps on 120ghz: better than all of the above.

144fps on 144hz: better than all of the above.

Fps are responsible for the smoothness of the game. Refresh rate are capacity of screens to show those frames. If frames are high the game will be smooth. Even 300fps on 60hz refresh rate is fine. Its just 300fps on 144hz will have far lesser tearings and will look and feel better visually.

So, all you have to do is to understand, fps and resolution calculation, Google is your friend, ask and enjoy!

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