Recommend us the college which provides benefit with their edu email

Me and @dydx will try to make bots for different colleges which provides edu emails with benefits. So, It will be great help if members could try and recommend us the colleges that provides edu emails along with the benefits so we can try making bot for that college.


I think ccsf would be great, because with CCSF email we can also create unlimited TDs.

What are your thoughts?

Same with SWCCD too.

ccsf is already down and it don’t provide any storage to new accounts. and swccd is going to get taken down soon. So, both of them are useless.


Please make a bot city college of chicago. It works with azure.


Any college that has a license and doesnt require access code for Grammarly app.

  1. Go to and select Canada college from dropdown menu
  2. Now apply online form with california address, california school details etc.
  3. You will receive id

G suite education account (unlimited G drive space), free copy of Microsoft Office, free access to CANVAS and many more.

Go to -

Go to -

Important link to follow

Other edu email benefit

  • Amazon Prime for free for six months
  • 50% discount on the Premium plan at Spotify
  • Six months of the LastPass Premium
  • Microsoft imagine with plenty of useful software and Microsoft Office 365 subscription for free
  • All AutoDesk software (They are very kind)

Hi! I recently tried for gavilan college, and got acceptance real quick even in lockdown. Can you try to build a bot for it? Thanks.

i got instant acceptance as well, but the email does not activate, so it seems useless

Make the edu mail of vgcc it gives u great benefit and give u github student pack without student id card

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