Real ip or not

I am using broadband Internet from local isp. They gave me an ip in which I encountered slow speed in peak hour. Then I asked them to solve it. ISP offered me to take a real ip , in higher rate, instead of shared ip and they assured me that I will get same speed in both peak and off peak but I couldn’t get. I think they trapped me but how can I find that this ip is real or shared. If there’s any way please let me show it.

i will give you some tips which will improve your speed…

1st: please if possible mention your Broadband provider name and MBPS pack you are using.

2nd: broadband ip should be always unique or static bcz thats way ISP will recognize your unique idenity and recharge your pack more or less validity of your unique IP.

3rd: if any neighbour using the same company broadband ASK THEM ABOUT their ip(HOW to find i will tell you) , if you and your neighbour having same ip thats mean your ISP tricked you they are not providing you static unique Ip instead they are providing you share connection from their Router …

4th: you can try to change the DNS which will eventually increase your speed a little-bit change it to google( or cloudflare:(

HOW to see your broadband ip??
steps: 1: go to windows search type control panel- - Go to Network & internet --network sharing centre-- change adapter setting-- double click on ethernet or wifi(if you are using Router)-- select TCP/IP4 --double click on TCP/IP4 --you will see your unique ip address…

now if you want you can google that ip to confirm which company providing it. or you can change preffered DNS/ alternate Dns to the dns i recommended on top, you will see some speed improvement not major but good

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I really don’t think that having a private or public IP makes much of a difference.
However, an IP that is shared with your neighbour can degrade your speed.

If you want to check your router’s IP (and check if it is same as your neighbour’s):

  1. In CMD type “ipconfig”
  2. Note down the “Default Gateway” (also written on the back of your router)
  3. Type that IP in your browser to open the router settings
  4. Login using the details written on the back of your router
  5. Check the ipv4 address
  6. Repeat the same for your neighbour, and check if it’s the same

To check if your IP is public or private, compare this with your router’s ipv4 address:
Private IP Addresses have the following ranges: - - -

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