Readonly and Down issues

Hi all,

I’ve been having issues with the website since yesterday. Is it just me or something was wrong @SaM ?

Firstly site logged me out and then the whole site was in Readonly. Today there were cloudflare message saying host down.


Sorry for the inconvenience

Actually, Team working behind to fill weak holes, such as upgrading, maintenance, filling weak holes, down time and many other things. They are doing their best to make maximum changes they can, while they work, they should put the site on read-only mode otherwise changes won’t apply.

If you see any further errors kindly Excuse, work still under progress, so please, Bear with us.

Thanks & Happy learning everyone :heart:


Thanks @SaM , @admins and all people working behind the scenes… A journey will never be easy always there are ups and downs , but for the glory people stand together against the downs

Thanks for your amazing work


Dear @SaM,

You don’t have to apologize. On 1H we are family and if you guys need our support we are there for you. We can certainly ignore these minor inconveniences.

Don’t worry and on behalf of all of us 1Hackers express my deepest thanks to the Team.

Thanks Man :+1:


brother no need to say sorry you guys are trying hard to provide us free contents everyday everyhour we can digest these minor things.


All the best @SaM and 1Hack team!


At first I thought there may have been a DDos attack on OneHack, as I was suddenly seeing CloudFlare DDos protection on the loading screen… But good to hear everything is fine… This website is like a GOLD MINE of resources for many people like us… Words are not enough to describe the greatness of these forums…

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