🔥[RDP] New Way To Get RDP for 12 Months Amazon Aws


  1. Download iMudra from Play Store.

  2. Signup using your Details.

  1. Select ID PROOF as Driving Licence

4.Put any random number in place of XXXX

5.Now You Need Atleast 2rs.(Refundable) in account.

6.Min Amount you can add is 10.
So You Have to add 10rs.

7.Then Go To Card Tab and there’s you virtual card.

images (8)

**Hurray ! We’ll use it in Amazon AWS Free Tier **


1.GoTo https://aws.amazon.com/free/

2.Create an Account.

3.Use That Virtual Card 2rs. will be deducted and you’ll get back soon.

  1. :volcano:Enjoy Your RDP :volcano:

THANKS :slight_smile:


I am not in india bro can you send me 2 rs in my account after making

But this is only applicable to Indians right?

This thing is shared in one of the course content that sam bro shared. Thanks for sharing though, but I have a query after completing the sign up aws is asking for OTP verification . How did you do it? Is it safe to verify using my own number? And later can is use AWS for learning cracking course?

Will be glad if anyone can help me on this.

Why not you can use your number !

Then you must check My Edu Mail Post,It will help you

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I had the email for months but the problem is they deny my application for AWS educate. Do you have a solution for that?

Use microsoft Azure Student

Technical Navigator said in the video.

It didnt work either.

I created the instance but it is free for 1st month. Windows minimal size (512mb, 1 core, 30gb).

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my account suspended , after deduct money

Did you do any activity?

It is a free tier for 12 months meaning you can only use minimal settings. If you update or increase speed, storage or any other options, your money will be deducted.

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