Ransomware Decrypt

my pc is attack with ransomware virus name is .copa ransomware. is any solution please help.


buy a new laptop?? i guess… or change current hdd/ssd, to a new one… And install latest update on your av…?? This working for me… tho…

Are you able to boot passed the bios?

If so, on another computer environment, use (or create) a Linux boot USB, and see if that would help isolate the OS from the hard-drives. I would try to backup important files onto another hard-drive or usb stick. Once done, do a complete hard-drive format and reinstall windows.

Forget it. Ransomware is based on asymmetric encryption which means that the key that is able to decrypt your system is held by the perpetrator. This has become a multi billion $ industry and will become much worse in the future.