Quora Partner Program Hundreds of Dollar Per Month

Quora allows you to earn money through it’s Quora Partner Program by asking questions- sounds simple enough, right? But how much can you hope to make from Quora? Can you make thousands of dollars from Quora Partners program? Let’s explore this scepticle passive income stream and find out what it’s all about.

Quora Partner Program

What is Quora?

Quora has been around since 2009 and you have probably stumbled upon it before when doing google searches for specific questions. Quora allows anyone to ask questions and allows anyone to provide answers. The upside to this format is that even the most obscure questions can be found. The bad side is that the answers provided can often lack quality, factual content and most of the time appear full of spam. Quora uses an “upvote” system to rank answers based on how many people found them useful and Quora also has a team of moderators who review questions and answer quality.

Quora questions are often featured in Google Searches. When you type in a question in Google, more often than not, a Quora question will be in the top search positions, driving traffic to their website. Quora generates its revenue by having advertisements on their question and answer pages, and with millions of questions in it’s database, Quora drives massive amounts of traffic to it’s site and collects a nice amount of revenue too. In September 2018, Quora hit over 300 million monthly users. That kind of traffic equals big bucks in terms of advertising and Quora wants more.

What is the Quora Partner Program?

The Quora Partner program is an invite-only system that will pay you real money for asking questions on Quora. That’s right- by just asking questions, you can potentially earn thousands of dollars every month. You don’t have to provide answers either- users of Quora will happily provide answers to your questions- you get paid based on the questions you ask. It sounds simple right? So how do you get an invite for this get-rich-quick scheme?

Unfortunately, Quora’s partner program is invite-only. That means, you have to be asked by Quora themselves to participate. They usually only ask users of their site who have been active in the past (I.e. you’ve signed up to Quora, asked a few questions, provided a few answers etc). There’s no real statistics on what gets you invited- asking a thousand questions might work, but similarly, asking just 10 could work. Personally, I asked around 20 questions and provided around 10 answers on my account. It wasn’t until a year later did I get my invite too, so it might also be a time-related issue.

Why is the Quora Partner program invite-only? Good question. It’s probably to help sustain the program. By allowing everyone to sign up to it, Quora’s moderators will have a harder job at filtering through all the junk questions and the overall quality of Quora questions will slowly go down (there’s an argument that this program is already doing just that). It also might be to limit resources in terms of paying users- with more users asking questions, there is more competition for the people involved in the program, which will likely mean less money earned.

Tips for getting into the Quora partner program

  • Ask questions regularly. It might take you months to receive an invite, so log on to the site once a month or so and show you’re an active user.
  • Provide good answers to show you’re invested in Quora’s site.
  • Make a legitmate profile- add a bio, name, profile picture. Quora wants real people asking questions, not just bots and people looking to spam their site.
  • Be patient. It took me over a year to wait for my invite to arrive, but some have reportedly getting it within months.

Got a Quora Partner invite? How do you make money?

The Quora Partner program works by paying you for the questions you ask. The money you are paid is based on the traffic you generate for Quora, it is not based on the total number of questions you ask. Remember, Quora makes it’s money from advertisements placed on question pages- you get a percentage of the revenue from those pages if you’re in the partner program. When you’ve been invited to the Quora Partner program you’ll be presented with a link to the partner dashboard. This dashboard is where you’ll input your questions, check your earnings and see suggestions on topic categories you should focus on.

What might catch your eye from this screenshot is the weekly top earners. Yep, people are earning over £1000 a week and over £5000 a month- just by asking questions on Quora! It’s a pretty easy living if you can reach these levels as you can do this job from the comfort of your home, your bed and even on the go. But how likely is it that you’ll be making this amount per week, per month? How much effort and time do you need to expend to reach these levels? As with any of these passive income streams, would that dedication be better spent elsewhere? And how long are you likely to reap the benefit of the questions you’ve asked?

So, there are two types of questions you’ll earn money off.

The first type of question is a short-lived question- it’s asked to generate a viral source of traffic and the traffic will drop off after a couple of days. These questions are usually related to what’s going on in the real world- current affairs and those sort of topics. These questions can generate traffic directly from Quora itself, as they have their own user system which are fed questions which might interest them. But as mentioned, the traffic from these questions will die off after a couple of days.

The second type of question is one which picks up organic traffic (or as Quora defines it: external traffic). This type of traffic comes from sources like Google, where they present your question page to searchers. Normally, these questions last a lot longer than the first type of question. These type of questions are definitely the best for “passive income” as they will generate revenue over a longer period of time. One thing to note is that Quora currently only pays out revenue on questions for up to a year. So once your question is a year old, you’ll no longer get any revenue from it- even if it means that question generates hundreds of dollars a month.

Which means the amount of effort you need to put into Quora will need to be a constant thing. The likelihood of you asking a question which generates revenue for a whole year will be low.

Credits - https://www.patchesoft.com/quora-partner-program


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I sign Quora has a long time, and I did not know why.
Fanny thing is that I read this post and I just go the original link and I read this article and more 2, and I just pressed a link in one of the articles to see the ranking of Quora partners. As some kind of curiosity I just made 2 questions and after I just posted the second question and I receive the invite to be partner.
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I made ony 3 questions but I answered like 50 and I received more than 1 million views in my answers. Here your question is answered check :- Link basically quora needs views for your questions and answers make sure you have a sufficient amount of views to be invited to the partner program.