Quick way to speed up your internet connection

  1. Speed up the internet with cmd commands
    Run the command line as an administrator by typing CMD in the Start Search field. Now, type the following commands in the cmd window in order and press enter.
Netsh int tcp show global
Netsh int tcp set chimney = enabled
Netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel = normal
  1. Speed up the internet by resetting the DNS cache
    Open Command prompt with administrator privileges using the following method given in step one.
    Type the following command and hit enter. You will see the warning that the DNS solver cache has been successfully cleared.
    ipconfig / flushdns

  2. Speed internet by resetting winsock and tcp ip
    Below is an example of a log file created by netsh when the IP reset command is issued. The actual log file may differ depending on the configuration of the computer.
    Type the following command on the command line and hit enter.
    netsh int ip reset c: \ resetlog.txt

If you get any error regarding command please google it.


C:\Windows\system32>Netsh int tcp set chimney = enabled
The following command was not found: int tcp set chimney = enabled.

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Are you using latest win 10 ?
See this https://itnewsntips.com/windows-10-features-that-are-being-removed/
TCPChimney : TCP Chimney Offload is no longer being developed.

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So the latest Windows 10 doesn’t have TCP chimney offload?

Any code similar for Mac PC?

I thought it’s 2006 seeing this post…so many “7 tricks to speed up your computer/internet” post blabla…

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srsly, why would someone need to sped up his internet connection, we have superfast 4g with us
anyways it’s not working for me

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