Question IPTV

Hello to all!!
I have a litte question about a problem!

I have a iptv premium, but i want to restream whitout limitation, yep onli have ONE connection available from my suscription, but i want to re stream to like 100 or more ppl, i ahve a good dedicated server whit 10GB port and more sht*, someone can give me a software name or somthing.

Ty !!!

This might seem like something you’re looking for.


ty for your time bro!!!

Hey, tell me more about htis IPTV, i want one that just works, without any lag, skips, stops or anything… do you have a list of channels?

yeah but they are paid it cost like 15 euro/monthif you want one whitout pay i remember yo can crack easy

I pay 90 euro for a year right now

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