Question firewall bypass

Hey i have been searching for a method to bypass the hardware firewall in my campus but till now i have found no effective way to do so , (i don’t need any advise or something i should do it or not) , all i need is a full firewall less internet ,
this is what so far i have tried :
made a router and setup a simple remote ss server , i setup a ss client in the router itself and made the traffic go though it , and then setup another ss connection from my laptop to the same ss server, thats a total of two ss layers.
still no luck, ihave also thought of a way which might work , that since i am tryning to bypass the firewall and suing ss as a medium then i can make customized outgoing packets with the layer 7 address the address which is in whitelist of the firewall , eg: i put in all my outgoing packets even though they are not packets and they will eventually get mixed in all other packets.

Regardles ,Thats just a hypotheisis, , haven’t tried it yet , and have no idea how to even implement it.
thanks in advance.

Question what more extreme than shadowsocks

The thing is i am trying my very best to bypass the university firewall , but so long i am not very in success ,
I am trying to find a way so that my network traffic packets are not visible to firewall near to invisible , since the university has hardware firewall, i want to bypass because i have paid for that( “I” includes all the univeristy students too) so Thanks in advanced.

Most unlikely you’ll be able to bypass the firewall or hide your traffic in a way that it dosn’t use outside sources as a remote desktop or a vpn.

You paid the school to follow courses and such and be able to use what they offer, not abuse.

And, I can tell from experience that this is A VERY BAD IDEA. Most likely you’ll use the backbone they have to download alot of files or go places you’re not allowed to visit on campus network.

I tried this years ago and got in alot of trouble because of it. Believe me, you don’t want to sacrifice your education for some fun.

The thing also is that, if you could hide your traffic from the firewall, that they see the amount of data comming trough and you need to have an account to login to the network. And I can prommise you they don’t like having TB’s flying up and down.

Best thing you can do is see to what you have access and archive everything. I had access to springer and got alot of good books that way.

If you want free access go to the local free wifi spot in a starbucks orso.

Only way to bypass a hardware firewall is with a vpn unless you have physical access.

And using “how would i know how bad idea it is until i try no ?” do you do that aswell with killing people? You know it’s a bad idea before you do it.

Judging from the reply you yourself seem to belong to some school or college , If so then , look brother
questions like these are not for people like you , you just have to jump your eyes over to another if you see questions or forums like these, and as far as i go , i will anyhow achieve what i want , and i don’t need any bullshit advise from your side , and…
since when accessing college internet has become equal to killing a person , you moron… you people just kill the vibe for no reason and you people insult others , if you can’t give a descent answer then you don’t have any privilege to puke also , … if after reading this answer you feel any degree of shame then please hang yourself.

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