PyTranscriber | Automatic Transcription And Subtitles For Audio/Video Files

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pyTranscriber is an application that can be used to generate automatic transcription / automatic subtitles for audio/video files through a friendly graphical user interface. The hard work of speech recognition is made by the Google Speech Recognition API using Autosub.

UPDATE - v1.8 - 17/08/2022

  1. Fixed bug: language codes for Chinese Languages updated accordingly to Speech API. Changed to “cmn-Hans-CN” and “cmn-Hant-TW” instead of “zh / zh-TW”)… The output was always mistakenly coming in Cantonese (yue-Hant-HK). Now they come properly in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Thanks to “Specter Hi” for reporting!
  2. Added GUI language switch feature
  3. Updated link to funding campaign at GitHub Sponsors

UPDATE - v1.7 - 08/08/2022

  1. add proxy setting
  2. change the function ‘pytranscriber.util.MyUtil.is_internet_connected’
  3. add requirements.txt
  4. rebuilt using pyInstaller 5.3 - more stability to prevent multithreading crashes on Windows
  5. Added pipfile