Python Named Programming Language of the Year by 'Somewhat Dubious' TIOBE Index


Programming columnist Mike Melanson describes the announcement of this year’s programming language of the year:

The TIOBE Index, the somewhat dubious ranking of programming language popularity according to search engine results, has announced its yearly proclamation of “language of the year,” with the award going to Python for the fourth time in its history [more than any other programming language].

The title, the project leads write, “is awarded to the programming language that has gained most popularity in one year,” with Python moving up 2.01% in 2020, which they attribute to “the ease of learning the language and its high productivity,” alongside its numerous use cases.
C++ “is a very close runner up” for programming language of the year, TIOBE tells us, "with an increase of 1.99%. Other winners are C (+1.66%), Groovy (+1.23%) and R (+1.10%)…

“What else happened in the TIOBE index in 2020? C has become number 1 again, beating Java. Java lost almost 5% in only 1 year.”