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The good old beginning. Countless times of swearing at nonfunctional code, million cups of coffee and a little too much sleepless nights just learning the insides and outsides of python. You want to learn right? Well, can you sit at your desk for countless hours and self educate yourself with the resources provided? If so, continue with this thread. Python has many functionalities and it makes life so much easier when performing many different types of attacks. But to get to the point where you just end up selling your scripts to skids, you must learn this language inside and out. Below lays most of the resources that have helped me in my learning pathway. Hope this is of any help to you! Best of luck in your learning journey! And on a side note, I would highly stay away from those “Full Courses”. Literally a waste of time.

Also, yes most of the links are from YouTube. It is literally one of the best learning resources.
This list is not in any particular order…

Preferred Mentors

Helpful Videos From Preferred Mentors

Also, I would highly recommend reading some of the Python Documentation. It does help out in many ways.

  • Python 3 Documentation -

  • Python 2 Documentation -

When coding away, a cheat sheet sometimes proves to be useful.

To further get better at Python, do some projects or make random scripts to perform some weird tasks only you could come up with! Here are some projects you could try.

Best of luck on your learning pathway!

You can follow more resources here for Beginners to Advanced level:

Python Videos Resources Beginners To Programmers!

Best Python Resources Beginners To Programmers!

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