Python 3.11 Performance Benchmarks Are Looking Fantastic

“Besides new language features and other improvements, Python 3.11 performance is looking fantastic with very nice performance uplift over prior Python 3.x releases,” writes Phoronix’s Michael Larabel. From the report:

Python 3.11 has been baking support for task groups in asyncio, fine-grained error locations in tracebacks, the self-type to return an instance of their class, TypeVarTuple for variadic generics, and various other features. Besides changes affecting the Python language itself, Python 3.11 has been landing performance work from the “Faster Cython Project” to speed-up the reference implementation. Python 3.11 is 10~60% faster than Python 3.10 according to the official figures and a 1.22x speed-up with their standard benchmark suite.

The Python Docs cover some of the significant performance improvements made for this upcoming release. The formal Python 3.11.0 release isn’t expected until October while multiple betas will come through July and then at least two release candidates in the following months before early October.

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