Pubg get free crate coupon and get chance to legendary items free

Hi buddies.
Welcome back with new pubg trick to get 1xPremium crate for free …

Follow the steps :slight_smile:

  1. Open the Game .
    Go to right corner
    You can see the event .named Extreme Treasure.

  2. Now click on the event it will display like this

    Click on rocket .

  3. It will open like this.

Tap on it you will get the reward…

Don’t be silly , Like this post…


bhai pubg chod de kisi kame nahi ayegha, i also used to play like average 5h, engineering mai backlog samalna pada mujhe chode de game…

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Hey can you upload free fire trick to get premiun creat for free

PUBG is not a problem, you’ve got your priorities messed up.


Well said bro :clap::clap:.
Everything is Addiction if it’s exceed the limits of Passion.
We will play the game and same time we set our priorities…

I got only 20 silver coin from this crate. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob:

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:rofl:lol .
That’s what Tencent games will do.
Whenever I used to open Premium crate they will only give 20silver

not everyone’s cup of tea to cool down the itch to play “one more game”

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Thank You Brother.