Proven Ways To Get High Quality Combos For Cracking

Things you need:

  • A text editor that supports regex (Notepad++ or emeditor work fine)
  • Half a brain
  • 30 minutes of time

Wanna know the big secret? Instead of downloading shitty combo lists from the combolist section, instead, download hitlists from the leaks section. If you take a bunch of hitlists, throw them in 1 combo, erase any of the capture, and then check the email:pass on a target of your choice, you’re going to have a much easier time getting hits.

Step 1.
Download every hitlist you can on the leaks section. But don’t be a leecher, support the people who give you free shit. Like their posts, leave a nice comment or a rep. Dont be a weirdo

Step 2.
Combine all the lines into 1 text file. Ignore the capture for now. we will remove that next

Step 3.
Now that you have 30-50k lines, its time to remove the capture. We can do that with a little bit of regex.
Open your combo in notepad++ or emeditor.
Press ctrl + h
Copy paste the following regex into the “find” box. There is a space between the brackets, so if you type it yourself, make sure to include the space
[ ].*
in the “replace with” box, leave it empty.
Check the “regular expression” box at the bottom of the prompt


If you did it correctly, it should remove any capture that was behind your combo password, separated with a space. If you have lines that didn’t get cleaned, you will need to adjust the character within the brackets.

Now, you’re ready to start cracking!