ProtonVPN Open Sources All Its Code

ProtonVPN open sourced its code this week, ZDNet reports:

On Tuesday, the virtual private network (VPN) provider, also known for the ProtonMail secure email service, said that the code backing ProtonVPN applications on every system – Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Android, and iOS – is now publicly available for review in what Switzerland-based ProtonVPN calls “natural” progression.

“There is a lack of transparency and accountability regarding who operates VPN services, their security qualifications, and whether they fully conform to privacy laws like GDPR,” the company says. “Making all of our applications open source is, therefore, a natural next step.” Each application has also undergone a security audit by SEC Consult, which ProtonVPN says builds upon a previous partnership with Mozilla…

The source code for each app is now available on GitHub (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS). “As a community-supported organization, we have a responsibility to be as transparent, accountable, and accessible as possible,” ProtonVPN says.

“Going open source helps us to do that and serve you better at the same time.”

  • They’re also publishing the results of an independent security audit for each app. “As former CERN scientists, publication and peer review are a core part of our ethos…” the company wrote in a blog post. They also point out that Switzerland has some of the world’s strongest privacy laws – and that ProtonVPN observes a strict no-logs policy.

But how do they feel about their competition? “Studies have found that over one-third of Android VPNs actually contain malware, many VPNs suffered from major security lapses, and many free VPN services that claimed to protect privacy are secretly selling user data to third parties.”


How to use on windows 10


You can find the open source code and audit reports here:

Audit Report

Audit Report

Audit Report

Audit Report


But how to use on windows this open source code

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My respected sir
I am already using proton VPN and proton mail for windows and Android last 9 months.
Dedsec YouTube channel has introduced so I am using.
Today post I read open source code release on GitHub.
So think how to use open source code for windows cause don’t know how to use, so I ask.
Again great thanks for helping video tutorial.

One request
Todays telecom company charges so much money from peoples for internet.
So I think can we bypass speed capping.
At least we can use unlimited internet not only 1.5 GB 2gb.
Any loophole to avoid speed cap.

Your onehack fan

Would you recommend Atlas VPN? I am using it for over a week now and I want to stick to using it. It does not have a PC support, but its free, and I mostly use my mobile anyway.

It’s not open source. Usually when a VPN is free you pay with your personal data and information.

When a service is free, YOU are the product.

I never heard of Atlas VPN, but I can guarantee the best privacy-focused — and quality wise VPN are:

  1. Mullvad VPN (Sweden)
  2. IVPN (Gibraltar)
  3. ProtonVPN (Switzerland)

You want a VPN that is outside the 14-eyes, which means that they’re outside the reach of those 3 letter government agencies that spy on you.

Forget all the crap “VPN review” sites. They’re almost all a bunch of crap pushing their affiliate offers: that’s why you see foul recommendations like NordVPN, Express VPN and others that pay well to their affiliates to post horsesh*t all over the web.

Here are criteria in choosing a VPN, according to, which I advise you to read the whole damn site:

  • provider is outside the U
  • uses encryptions
  • accepts Bitcoin,
  • supports OpenVPN
  • has no logging policy

Also take a look at this chart, for one of the few independent VPN comparison reviews out there.

Fight for your privacy.

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