Protect your Android SmartPhone from being Hacked with Hackuna


In today’s world, Smartphone users are growing so fast that all evil people on the Internet want to shift their target from PCs to smartphones and mainly Android Smartphones. Android is based on the Linux platform but nothing is perfectly secure.

Linux can be Hacked too!!

Half of the Android users are common people and they don’t have the knowledge of basic security they should take to protect their devices from being hacked. As they are not aware of hacking their mind is vulnerable to social engineering. They can be easily manipulated.

That is the primary reason for writing this article. The second reason is we are so involved in our daily life that we don’t have time to review the steps we took online or offline which can lead to serious security loopholes.

Hackuna is the app that can protect us from these problems. Let’s take a look into the features of the app.

A Deep look into Hackuna

Hackuna is developed by Cryptor’s Cybersecurity. The interface of the app is really simple. Anyone can easily use the app. The features it providing are our daily life needs.


The first feature that is WiFi Police is really helpful for common people. If you are connected to a Public WiFi you can turn the feature on and you can freely use the WiFi without any problem. The WiFi Police will block the hackers who are trying to hack the network you are connected to. It will also show you the information of the hackers that are blocked by the application.


Another feature that seems really helpful is WiFi Scanner. This feature scans the Entire Wireless network and shows us the hackers it found and their information.


The third one is the Inspector. This feature scans the Files of the device for all kinds of virus, spyware, malware, ransomware.


The last and most important one is Privacy Analyzer. This app scans the device for privacy leak. If it finds any suspicious application installed on our device which can hurt our privacy, it shows the list of them.

There are two other features for entertainment purposes. The Hacker Games feature provide mind games related to ethical hacking, for example cracking password combination. You can also check out the latest news updates on hacking attacks on Hackers News. It will help you to stay updated.


All these features seem really simple but these are the best protection for our Android smartphone. You don’t need any advanced technical knowledge to run these features. These kinds of apps are the best apps for a person unaware of hacking attacks.

We found the application really helpful. What’s your opinion? let us know in the comment box below. Follow us on both Facebook and twitter for personal inquiry. We feel happy to help you.