Prospecting for work! How to scrape data and save you hours

First I must say how much I love this website and everyone that contributes! This is my first post because I desperately need your help. I work for a company that deals with hospitality, and without saying too much more my job is to collect data. Hotel name, address, phone number, owner name.

I need help with a way to collect this data quicker. Any solutions?


Learn Python and scrape data with BeautifulSoup, Selenium or Scrapy. Also some libraries to saving as .xsl or .csv can be useful (e.q. pandas, built-in csv, openpyxl)


I have been really wanting to learn code. Im very close to signing up with one of these coding boot camps. However, I am so busy with two jobs and a few side hustles. After hours of research I still don’t know what field of study would be the most beneficial; full stack, software engineer, web developer, app developer… Any feedback on which one would be the most beneficial…

Is there any specific place to start it go to begin learning python?

I need Hotel information… 1st priority is phone number 2nd is owner contact info.

I need to find a website that has a huge hotel directory that I can scrape from.

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G Maps Extractor

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Go for the programming fundamentals and concepts (how the code run in a machine), don’t worry about the syntax (how to write the code).

The specific task you are interested in is “web scrapping”.
That may include browser automation.

Using requests, beautifulsoup, or else selenium web driver, you can easily achieve what you want.

Go for the programming fundamentals (function overloading, function overiding, class object relation), you will do good :+1:

Always here to help the community.