Promote Your Video To Millions | Hack It With Granny

Details of the Hack:
Using Promolta to create Ad campaigns for your YouTube videos will help you reach passionate people looking to discover you. If an AD campaign is created using the Promolta dashboard, then your video will be displayed within social networks, blogs, websites, news, and mobile apps.

  • Usage Phase: Video Advertising Usage
  • Difficulty: Easy Tools Used:
  • Paid/Free: Paid Advertising tool (Budget can vary at all times according to campaign-to-campaign)
  • Free Alternatives: None

Hack it with Granny:

  1. Head over to
  2. Choose the video you would like to promote by clicking on “Promote Video”. You can do this by inserting the URL of the video and clicking on select as your video thumbnail would show.
  3. Next is to select the video category of your choice - be it auto, beauty, business etc.
  4. You can choose what best you would need among the following: - Like & Comment - Subscribers - App Installs Granny recommends “Subscribers”.
  5. Choose the gender of your audience and the age and global locations.
  6. Choose the budget. (The minimum budget is $100) and then click launch. 7) You will start seeing results very quick once the campaign is approved

Bonus Tip:
You can also promote your Facebook page using Promolta. All you have to do is to click on “Promote 6 | 12 SOCIAL MEDIA HACKS THAT WORK: GROWTH H… Facebook” button at the top and give your Facebook URL and the support team will guide you through the rest of the process.

Happy learning!