Problem with Service Finder wordpress theme- Provider and Business Listing WordPress Theme v3.5

Please I have a problem with Service Finder - Provider and Business Listing WordPress Theme v3.5 . Can someone help me fix this issue. After creating the provider’s account and I try to login I will receive an account moderation error. I have turned that off and on, yet no fix. See the image error below for clarification. I have contacted the theme developers but they are not responding to me.Screenshot_25|690x283

U have an account approval pending. U need to approve account from the wordpress backend. Theme has inbuilt moderation and verification feature so it wouldn’t be letting u login unless account approved by an admin

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I have searched all round the backend but I couldn’t find anything. Would you recommend any plugin that might be of help?

You don’t need a plugin. Its a theme feature. Let me check if there is online documentation available which can help you approve the account

Link to the theme documentation >

You can disable account moderation from theme options. Please check the link.

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Thanks bro, this will go a very long way

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