[private method] how to make 200$ per day [noob-friendly]

Have you ever heard of Fortnite V-Bucks Generator and those people who earn thousands of dollars every month by making those fake fortnite websites?

They are making thousands of dollars without even playing the game? But how is that possible?

Today I will show you the trick and provide you with the premium tools to get your piece from this cake.

What you need:

  • A cheap domain and hosting package ( Sign up on Bluehost Recomended )
  • An incentive CPA network – Sign up On CPAbuild
  • Premium Tools: Fortnite landingpage + A fake hack video (don’t worry you won’t have to buy them cuz I’ll give them to you for free).
  • A youtube channel or a tiktok account (Both are super lucrative).

The Method :

1- Get a domain name from Bluehost that must have these words on it: Fortnite, hack, free vbucks, generator ….etc.
e.g www.Fortnitevbuckshack.com

2- Go to your CPAbuild account and create your contentlocker.

Watch this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajqrkpOSVnY

3- Now you need to add that script between the tags in your landingpage that I will provide it to you for free.

If you don’t know how to implement the code to your landingpage,

Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmiN7j7--Y4

4- Upload your landingpage to your Bluehost cpanel and now your website is good to go.

Notice: Your landingpage must be updated and looks legit to get your conversions easily = Big cash.

How I can get a premium landingpage ?

It’s easy! After you sign up with Bluehost Dm me your Bluehost username and I will send you 2 Premium landingpages + HQ HACK VIDEO and a full support.

Example of the Fortnite Landingpage that i will give you for free :

How to pomote your website and start to make money?

Youtube : Go to youtube and enter in search Fortnite hack:

We are looking for a video where there will be a demonstration of cheats. Download any of these videos.
Now you need to add your website watermark on those videos before you upload them to your youtube channel.
Copy the name taken from the video that was downloaded and description. And do not forget to add a link in the description to website.
To make sure your videos rank easily on youtube you should get free views from the Traffic Exhcanger websites.
The more videos you add = The more conversions you will get = Big Cash!

Tiktok: Create a fortnite niche account and start uploading fortnite videos with your website watermark until your videos are viral.

Proof of My recent Earnings:

Enjoy making money!


This seems like a great method. Thanks.

I’m still waiting for CPA Build approval.


cpa isn’t private but ok

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need landing page and hack video bro…

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Sir please upload landing page and hack video

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Goodluck :slight_smile:

Dm me and i can help you with that if you followed the tutorial step by step.

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A public landing page won’t make you money cuz everyone will have to use it, to start getting conversions you need to have a premium (Legit) one, premium landingpages are not free and they may cost about 40$ each. I think you get my point here!

Goodluck :blush:


I try to do multiple accounts, and I always get Application Declined. Does anyone know why?

Has anyone else got this to work or got anything from OP to begin the process?

what if I make my own landing page in PS?