Pre-paid virtual credit card in India

Is there a virtual pre-paid credit card facility available in India for the people who don’t have a credit card at all? Most of the virtual pre-paid cards I checked was only for the people who had a credit card already. Can you please help?

Yes, which card you need rupaye or visa?

I think Airtel Money gives virtual debit card

I need VISA or MASTER. I need to use it for international transactions.

Download IRCTC Mudra app there you’ll get Virtual credit card instantly without any cost

Download IRCTC iMudra app. iMudra account comes with a digital wallet and a prepaid card

You won’t be able to use imudra for international payments.

I need this card to pay for Facebook Ads. For some reason, they do not accept some cards. I have master and visa debit cards. They rejected both.