Possible problems for not paying dropbox?

Hello everyone, a simple question from newbies, I do not pay dropbox I use a method to get 3tb.
But and if I use my 3tb and stop using the method, that is, I never “pay” again, there is a possibility that my account will be deleted and files get lost?
or will it just stay there forever? (I only have music in the cloud)

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if you borrowed money from a loan shark and you never pay they will disconnect your life. on your question what to think?

Running into debt isn’t so bad. It’s running into creditors that hurts.

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Ultimately they send you a termination notice via registered email and a link to download all the files. I think they give you 2 weeks or less.

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For me I had my files lying around since October last year and no problems till now

If they send you a notice for termination which i don’t think will ever happen, just move to other Dropbox account using the inbuilt copy feature