SCRIBD Paid account – Just bought this two fresh login for Scribd for 2$ and want to giveaway one with 1 hacker community to get maximum value of my purchase, this account is a monthly subscription account so get them before they expire or the owner changes the password.

If you have ‘Basics’ Badge, then PM me.

Note for Account usage

This is an active paid account being used by the owner so if you download anything or read using this credentials make sure you remove it from the history we all can fly under the Radar for maximum time.

Note: this works only on Mozilla Firefox

step1 install Video DownloadHelper plugin on Mozilla FireFox
step2: Like & Comment on this Post -> PM me for the active scribd account
step3 : Wait for me to check your badge and provide you the credentials
step4 : Login with credentials
step5 : find Audio book you want to download ( better find the book you want to download, rather than browsing the books after logging in becuse browsing modifies book recommendation for the owner.)
step5 : Open Audio book you want to play, the plugin you installed at first step will find the mp3 resource on the page and recommend for download.
step6 : click download and rename file.

  • WARNING!!! :warning: :warning: : I take NO responsibility or obligation that the account will be working after i provide it to you, i’ll check refresh my login to test its validity before i provide it to you.
  • These are active paid account of respective owners, if the find the abuse of their account, they may change the password.
  • :warning: do not save the password to chrome or firefox, both of these browser reports data breach Alert to the owners email address :warning:

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Fastest Fingures First


Got the premium account and it worked. Thanks a lot.

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Got the free premium account and it is working. Thank you @Ruzaid for sharing the details.

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thanks for sharing

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nice share dude keeps it up :wink:

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Totally working like charm

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thank you for sharing this

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@Best_Men. @Dr.Jekyll
@Pawan_Kumar. @special_lectures


Plz Make sure you delete history of the book you download / listened to/ or Read …


it would be gr8 hulp

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Shared in PM

I please request all those who’ve got the account to follow this. We have been seeing people clearly ignoring the instructions and causing problems to others who were being fair.

@Ruzaid Good work bro :+1:t2:

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Thanks for share
account is working fine

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Thanks man, I signed in perfectly.

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Thank you @Ruzaid I am able to sign in. You are awesome.

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am imprssd , tq

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Password is Changed!!

I did notice yesterday many weren’t following the suggestion to clear the history after they downloaded .
Seems the the Account got busted or somebody who received the credentials decided to change the password. not sure

so the party finishes for this account i’ll share another one as i find.
Follow me @Ruzaid for update.

you can please close the thread, as i don’t plan to reply on this thread any more.
Thanks in advance to moderators.

can I have this account :slight_smile:

Please read