Pluralsight Account- Learn Azure

Awesome - got 5 years of premium subscription! - First of all thank you so much for sharing this. I’m a new entry here at onehack, earlier I was the silent watcher of onehack for a long time. I’m here to thank you, all the community members who have contributed our best to make this site a wonderful place…Thanks @Waga, @onehack, @SaM, @TheJoker …Great Post… Thanks for sharing this.


Check out this other thread to get full premium Pluralsight subscription.



I got 5 years Premium !
Thanks :smiley:

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Thank You very much.

how do I relogin the account? Any ideas.

Normal way boss. Just input your account login details and you are good to go.

Or is there another problem?

@Kronos you Will get an email from pluralsight at the email address used whensigning up.

Click on create password here and they will send you another email to reset password.


Thank you!

Thanks bro

How to check your membership plan brother?

i also got 5 Years … Thanks alot for the share

I appreciate your efforts :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Thanks for sharing…

got azure library till 2025

is it true u get access to azure library using this?

Thank you so much. Waga,
For passing azure certification exams, It’s great to have training courses online.

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Thanks, I got five years limited access to the Pluralsight Azure library. :smiley:

First thanks for this.
i just want to know will i get certificate after completion of course or not?

I can’t say for certain. Yet to complete the courses.

ok thanks.
please message after completing the course.