Pluralsight Account- Learn Azure

Hey guys. This is my first thread on this great forum. I have gained a lot since joining this forum of great like minds.

Without wasting much time, follow the link below to register for and have access to premium Pluralsight (in partnership with Microsoft) video tutorials.

PluralSight Account (in Partnership with Microsoft)


…and Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable.



Unbelievable - I got 2 years of premium!

NOTE TO EVERYONE: you get a “Limited Library” account, so this means it doesn’t provide full access to all courses, but only to courses relating to Azure.

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Thank you for the post. Keep it up!

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First of all thank you so much for sharing this. I just want to know that we can’t avail any other path or course beside Microsoft azure?

Thanks appreciated. :slight_smile:

This is only Azure courses. Any other paths need to be unlocked by paying.

oooh. Is there any way to download other courses.

Got 5 Year Limited Library Access… Thanks Mate @Waga

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for Sharing @Waga :+1:

I don’t understand how some get 2 years (like me), and others get 5 years (like you) :crazy_face:


@Waga What to fill at column asking COMPANY ?

I used None anf selected random one

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I used a random coy.

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Just by luck LOL.

Thanks for the post, I just started my azure learning and is very much useful

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Great. Thank a lot.

Thank you i got 5 years, also if you have already an account you can use the same email to get this offer

Great job, I appreciate this!!

its still working. Great Post. Thank you for sharing.

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