Pls Help me to download low seed torrent file

Is there any way to download low seed torrents?

Possible, only if you search once before asking anything here. Anyway!


Please check/search the forum,before asking any question!
Already discussed very recently,here:

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@SaM I search before asking. I am sorry, I didn’t mention above. I am using mac Osx. I can’t use the Internet download manager.

There are a bunch of options, IDM is an optional, didn’t you see other solutions?. Oh please mate, you can read what those posts contains and what are the solutions. consider them.

and your sorry won’t fix anything. It’s fine if you asked something without cross-checking. but please next time search before asking anything and read the FAQ to make sure your question is eligible or not.

Good luck!

Already answered!
Didn’t seen it coming!

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Chief, I tried a few options that mentioned here. It didn’t work that is why I created a discussion. I tried Torrent to direct (offcloud). It didn’t work. Other options are based on Windows (SASTD, IDM)


Send me the torrent page link via Inbox. let me see and make sure that you’re not messing with a DEAD one.

PM me.


Then instead of creating a new discussion thread, please continue in the old one!
It would be helpful to others,if it is under one thread!

I am sorry, I didn’t think of that. Next time I will follow this.

Case Closed. it does make sense!

Highlight: Suppose I uploaded a torrent and I changed the plan to wipe it, later I wiped that out from my seedbox or torrent client, now one of you have the torrent file that I have trashed it without seeding it. will you grab the torrent file?. how, if I’m not seeding it. anyway, it does make sense. lol

Topic Solved. @The_Designer Check my PM.


I didn’t know about this. I am sorry for wasting your time.

Thank you so much for replies.

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if in future that low seeds become zero, and question arise in your mind,
“why i cant download 0 seed file” …plzz comment here, we will help you download 0 seed file