Please reduce the ads

I just want to say please reduce the ads on this forum. It’s really annoying to browse the forum & sometime generates invalid clicks. Many members contribute to this forum and you admin just for some money pushing ads like hell. Now I can see you have also started showing pop up ads as well.

I don’t want to use ad blocker so please take this feedback positively.

Lol I can’t even set title on mobile properly because of your ad.


Yes I also agree suddenly I saw notification and videos ads. In-between conversation ads is fine but this one is keep popup sorry but it is very annoying.


You know running the website there is server cost to pay? Would you like to pay this cost yourself? Do it if you happy :slight_smile:

Running ADs would be help the 1H will earn money to make server up and running.

By the way, there is the way to avoid the annoying things…you know…just google.


There are more ads than content now :frowning:

I see multiple ads at the top right, I even see a video at the bottom right that auto-plays on every page visit, it’s really annoying to browse the forum now :frowning:


I believe the number of ads in this forum is fine as compared to other similar forums.


Yes i can see ton of ads. please reduce them :neutral_face:


I’m fine with ads, nothing compared with the knowledge getting from this forum


Anyway it is up to @admin we just sharing our feedback as user. Thanks


Ads are fine thats how thing works… Onehack is community where we find quality content. to cover server ads and other stuffs . ads are important !


yes but how much money does it takes to keep the server up. Ads are need I agree but recently its way too much to navigate and read. We are not againt the one way for onehack to earn as it’s a great platform but the ads are a lot. It’s like visiting china markets


Ads are okay here!! Atleast like other sites they dont have post view limitation or they force to buy VIP Membership!!


you know…there is a way to…you know…if you search google by using this post title, you might find the solution :love_you_gesture:

1 word 7 letters: “a _ _ _ _ _ k” or
1 word 7 letters “a _ _ _ _ _ d” (it is product by Russian)

Did I give too much hint :thinking:

or this one? 3 words 8 letters “I _ _ _ _ _ _ U” just kidding :wink:

Be thankful these are Google Ads which are clean and friendly, not the creepy popup ones which just opens a new tab for clicking a link or button or clicking anywhere on a page.

I might have said to shift the sharing (add this) bar over to right as it disturbs the main forum section but this morning it was shifted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now i am just looking forward for dark mode, not the apps the web.


See, not all 5 fingers are equal in length, the same is with the life, problems would come, you gotta solve it yourself, one way could be you bear the server cost and help reduce the ads! If not, then stop commenting craps
You guys want all things at once, giveaways, tools, solutions and every hell lot things, reduce your demands, change your taste.
Thanks And keep supporting in your way!


i dont think thats the solution if you need server up running cost just start a campaign for donation!
we will proudly donate some money !

feedback: ITS OK ON BANNER ADS BUT please dont add up popup add its kinda annoying each time you click on your profile it gets messed up

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The video ad is killing my browser :frowning:

Due to the video ad:

  • my CPU is spiking whenever I open a onehack page
  • the onehack pages are sloooooooow to scroll because of that video ad
  • when typing, letters are showing up with almost 1 second delay because of the same video ad

It’s almost a pain to use the forum now or post something on it because my browser cannot cope with the CPU-heavy ads :frowning:

@Pawan_Kumar Those are the suggestions only. No premium sites have ads. Not even youtube. Just because your site is free you cant just fill all your pages with ads. Just a suggestion to reduce ads if possible.


A supporter supports with actual suggestions not by big words. The admins will notice you but what good will it bring?

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man , we all getting stuffs for free and being informed.Personally i think we gotta be graceful for all these stuffs…yeah it might be cool if they reduce ads , it’s correct…they too are humans and with demands and so…so :slight_smile:


@SaM It’s impossible to use the forum anymore because:

  1. I can’t type because of the constantly showing ads while I type

  1. I am forced to use INCOGNITO mode, because for some reason the forum is inaccessible because of “ad blockers”, which I already DISABLED for onehack!

I’m generally OK with ads, but rendering the whole forum inaccessible or unusable is a sure way of losing users & traffic :frowning: