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Few days ago i brought GTA5 MY PC’S specifications are intel i3 11gen and 4gb of ram gta5 crashes like any thing please help me what should I do should i increase ram??

it should be showing an error If its crashing . search that error code on google and u will get the solution

or if the game stops responding then likely due to ram then …I had i5 6th gen withh 4gb ram . it used to work laggy but it did run … ( though it did stop responding in between and you can say it crashes - without error code) but now with 12gb ram its.hella smooth

so try to upgrade ram .It may work.

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If you can, get a whole new set of ram and make sure you find out what the maximum RAM allowed and the maximum clock speed your motherboard can handle, and get RAM at that clock speed, and it should purr like a kitten.

Additionally, check your BIOS to see if the firmware needs to be updated. Check the BIOS for any optimization options from the updated bio. Finally, when all of that is done, do a quick Windows Update, clean disk, shut the PC down, and switch off (unplug) the computer for a minute or two, plug it back in, turn on PC till boot. That should do the trick on those pesky errors.


Thanks bro how to find maximum clockspeed of ram bro

On PC You could open a cmd prompt terminal and type

wmic memorychip get speed

and Enter on keyboard.

It will show you how many slots are available and it’s clock-speed frequency. Find the correct ram by taking the ones you have out of the case. It could be DDR, DDR2, etc.

You will have to search for the exact model for your PC, and check it’s spec page online, to find out the maximum amount of RAM the motherboard can handle. Good luck!

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