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Selling All type of gaming accounts for PS4/5, XBOX, PC accounts, Both single games and bundles. (Single game accounts are original, they has higher price but lifetime warranty, bundles are cracked accounts with bunch of games, lower price but without warranty, works good but suggested to play offline, Check “Terms of Service”. 'For XBOX & PC only original accounts are available)

Cheap pricing, Looking for buyers and resellers, Further discounts for regular buyers. Daily updates with thousands of accounts.

Years of experience and satisfied customers.

Payment: Paypal, Crypto, Skrill.


:grey_exclamation:Never login to the account you purchased, always play games on your main / own accounts to avoid problems.

:grey_exclamation: Never try to login to the account you purchased from us on PlayStation website or any apps related. Accounts should only be entered on your console and then never modify anything about it

:grey_exclamation:If you wanted games support a specific language or region, you should tell this to us at first place not after the deal.

:grey_exclamation:Accounts are privately shared so after we sell it, we don’t have control on it anymore. Games from this accounts may get locked if internet access of your console is turned on after a random time, but games will work forever if you turn internet off on your console settings.

:grey_exclamation:Risk of games get locked depends on you do steps correctly and never login to it anymore, and also depends on how the owner of that account acts and sony guard. So it will be luck based on how long accounts work fine if you stay online but we guarantee you that accounts are with highest quality on the market!

:star: NEW: Any other type of accounts for Music, Movies, Live Stream, Learning, VPNs, etc are now available!

Guidance: https://t.me/PSNReadyGuide

Vouches: https://t.me/PSNReadyCS

:star:Channel Link: https://t.me/PSNReady


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