Playing Videos in Androd / FireStick

Hi Team,

I am looking for a option to play a vidoes/movies in Android.

I have lot of movies in Team Drive. I wish to play them in Firestick. I tried a copy paste the link and it is not playing in MxPlayer.

What is the best option to play these kind of videos. Looking for option show the entire drive/nagivate them / play them.

Do we need develop a app ?

What are the possible options.

Thanks in Advance

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You should use KODI for Firestick.


Download it using the downloader app. And then you will find add-ons for Google drive integration. I think team drive is also supported.

You can also install the Kore app in your phone and connect to the same wifi. So you will have the entire library on your phone.

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Thanks for this. This is useful. I am exploring it

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